Current insight on anti-tumor effect of natural products

Tianyao Hao, Ruijian Liang, Xingyuan Chen, Xuhui Zhang, Yingjun Lian, Long Chen


Various clinical practices prove that traditional Chinese medicines, integrated traditionalChinese and western medicines make enormous contributions to tumor treatment as well as alleviation of chemotherapy side effect. Alkaloid, polysaccharide and saponin are examples of natural bioactive products that can impede the progression of tumors. Besides, researches on the widely-used tradition Chinese anti-tumor medicine formulas indicate that these agents can induce apoptosis of tumor cells. Therefore, there is an extensive perspective in natural bioactive materials as clinical tumor therapy. This review provides an overview of some natural products used as anti-tumor remedies and the molecular mechanisms they are involved in apoptosis induction, tumor angiogenesis and tumor metastasis.


Anti-tumor; natural product; apoptosis.

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